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Hammerbombs® Flashbombs have motion activated RGB LED lights that stimulate predatory responses in fish. They're activated on the cast and can be re-activated by hard jigs on the retrieve.

Hammerbombs® Heavy-Duty Resin Casting Balls are designed to survive the rough volcanic shorelines of Hawai'i, and are virtually indestructible, even under extreme fishing conditions.

Dual 220lb stainless steel swivels combined with a 325lb stainless steel wire eliminates line twists while providing fluid retrieves, regardless of line weight or material.

Hammerbombs® casting balls are hand crafted in Hawai'i.

  • Body Length 43mm for 1, and 1½ oz
  • Body Length 58mm for 2, 2½, and 3 oz
  • Operational Depth up to 3000m
  • Battery life is estimated at 1500 casts